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Prices: Headline and Core Inflation Rates 2003-2011, (Monthly), Percent





2004M1 2004M2 2004M3 2004M4 2004M5 2004M6 2004M7 2004M8 2004M9 2004M10 2004M11 2004M12 2005M1 2005M2 2005M3 2005M4 2005M5 2005M6 2005M7 2005M8 2005M9 2005M10 2005M11 2005M12 2006M1 2006M2 2006M3 2006M4 2006M5 2006M6 2006M7 2006M8 2006M9 2006M10 2006M11 2006M12 2007M1 2007M2 2007M3 2007M4 2007M5 2007M6 2007M7 2007M8 2007M9 2007M10 2007M11 2007M12 2008M1 2008M2 2008M3 2008M4 2008M5 2008M6 2008M7 2008M8 2008M9 2008M10 2008M11 2008M12 2009M1 2009M2 2009M3 2009M4 2009M5 2009M6 2009M7 2009M8 2009M9 2009M10 2009M11 2009M12 2010M1 2010M2 2010M3 2010M4 2010M5 2010M6 2010M7 2010M8 2010M9 2010M10 2010M11 2010M12 2011M1 2011M2 2011M3 2011M4 2011M5 2011M6 2011M7 2011M8 2011M9 2011M10

Note:The National Statistics Office (NSO) release monthly core inflation rate alongside the existing "headline" inflation rate since January 2004. 
1 Headline inflation refers to the year-on-year change in the overall Consumer Price Index (CPI).
2 Core Inflation is the rate of change in the headline CPI after excluding selected food and energy items.
Source:National Statistics Office
Date Modified :April 19, 2017

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