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The Economic and Social Database (ESD) is one of the databases that PIDS maintains as part of its policy research strategy and mandate as a repository of economic research information. Started in 1995, the ESD is an in-house project that has been constantly upgraded to make its interface more user-friendly and contents more relevant to the research community and the public in general.

The ESD keeps various Philippine economic and social data both at the national and sub-national levels and in long time series for some. The data are downloadable and exportable into spreadsheet for ease of use in data analysis. One can also do simple calculations and post-processing within the database system. The database contains sections on key indicators, economic data, social statistics, Community-based Monitoring System (CBMS) indicators. With databases like the ESD, PIDS hopes to encourage the conduct of policy-oriented studies, assist in decisionmaking processes, and facilitate public discussions on major policy issues.